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Paris Hilton nipple slip

Paris Hilton sits on her lovers lap at a party not realising her sexy nipple is showing

Lindsey Lohan nip slip

Lindsey Lohan in a car about to be driven off as paparazzi surround her - nipple slip!

Charlotte Church breast slip

Busty singer Charlotte Church drunkenly gets into a cab and her boob slips accidentally

Angelina Jolie nipple

Angelina Jolie walks down the red carpet not knowing her nipples are peeking out

Arianne Sommer down blouse

Hot German babe Ariane Sommer treats us to a downblouse look at her nip

Eve accidental nip slip

Eve on stage not knowing her nipple has slipped in public - how embarrassing!

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This is a hot nip slip of Sophie Marceau. The beautiful French actress had a wardrobe malfunction at the Cannes Film Festival when her strap fell off her shoulder revealing her breast and an erect pokie nipple (we have the video clip of this in our free Oops Celeb Movie Section - it's funny to see her reaction!) All of the large photos of this nip slip are in our FREE TO JOIN members area:

Sophie Marceau

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Sophie Marceau 2

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Sophie Marceau 3

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Sophie Marceau 4

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Sophie Marceau 5

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Sophie Marceau 6

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Sports oops

They obviously don't have sports bras in Swaziland (or none big enough to hold those huge breasts) as this runner has a sports nipple slip. Or is it a breast slip? Whatever, it's just one of many sports oops pics and clips we have

Kelly Ripa nipple pokie

This isn't exactly a nipple slip from Kelly Ripa, but it's hot anyway and leaves little to the imagination. It's a nipple pokie picture and we have tons more inside our FREE TO JOIN members area.

Fashion show oops

This hot model walks down the catwalk modelling lingerie unaware she's had a fashion show oops moment. We have tons more photos and videos of runway nipple slips and accidental nudity from fashion shows inside



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This was the first ever nipple slip of Jessica's, there are more inside. Those huge boobs shouldn't be kept hidden anyway, check out that beautiful nip in full size, high resolution inside our FREE TO JOIN members area

BIO: Born July 10, 1980, in Dallas, Texas, this sexy 5' 3" recording star and singer displays a hard core attitude in her performances. Jessica has a younger sister named Ashlee. Her father, who is a psychologist, manages her career, and her mother designs her wardrobe and assists in the business affairs. Jessica first developed and nurtured her talent in the local Baptist church, where her father also works as the congregation's youth minister.

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